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Make the digital transformation to greater DC connectivity

New OTM Webinar: Make the Digital Transformation to Greater DC Connectivity

   Tracy Niehaus

New OTM Webinar: Make the Digital Transformation to Greater DC Connectivity

A digital transformation is underway in distribution and fulfillment operations. The pace of modern commerce is accelerating the transition to automation, and many operators are evaluating the potential of industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies to drive process efficiencies. By connecting fulfillment assets, automation systems and workers, leading companies in the retail and manufacturing sectors are achieving measurable profitability gains and creating much-needed competitive edges.

From the steady growth of e-commerce transactions and tighter delivery windows to SKU proliferation and seasonal variability, companies face a new era of fulfillment complexities. As a result, facility operators are experiencing capacity constraints and weighing tough decisions about whether to invest in the capital expansion of existing facilities or build new greenfield sites.

On The Move webinar will explore how DC operators are addressing these challenges by leveraging connected technologies to increase reliability, improve utilization and maximize productivity — not only in their facilities, but also across the enterprise. Eric Rice, principal product marketing manager of Honeywell Intelligrated, will present “Make the Digital Transformation to Greater DC Connectivity” on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 2 p.m. EDT. Attendees will learn how a connected DC can:

  • Increase asset reliability with predictive maintenance
  • Uncover opportunities for utilization improvements
  • Maximize productivity and reduce employee attrition rates

From automation to connectivity

While many successful companies have introduced varying degrees of automation in their production or fulfillment operations, connected technologies offer the ability to transform their existing capabilities to enable next-generation efficiencies via:

  • Intelligent, data-driven, high-speed execution to maximize throughput
  • Automated, adaptable and flexible processes for machines and workers
  • Future-proof scalability with the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt
  • Access to actionable intelligence via real-time and historic insights, predictive analytics and machine learning

Utilizing machine-level sensors, smart controllers and devices, and cloud analytics, companies are effectively connecting all assets contributing to the productivity of workers, automation systems and robotics. The upcoming On The Move webinar will discuss how a connected IIoT architecture aggregates data from all inputs to deliver vital information on asset health and facility performance in real time. By doing so, companies gain visibility to optimize decision making, remove throughput barriers, and scale to solve ever-changing business demands and expansion challenges.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a connected DC can help you make the digital transformation to greater operational efficiencies, register now for this informative webinar.

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