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Learn how modern voice technology can unshackle your DC operations in new webinar

Learn How Modern Voice Technology Can Unshackle Your DC Operations in New Webinar

Jerry Koch

Learn How Modern Voice Technology Can Unshackle Your DC Operations in New Webinar

In recent years, speech recognition technology has become more commonplace in our everyday lives.  From mobile devices and computers to car navigation systems and TVs, voice-enabled interfaces are tapping the potential of hands-free efficiency and mobility.  Distribution center (DC) order fulfillment processes are no exception.

For the past 20 years, warehouse voice systems have helped improve order fulfillment pick and put-away accuracies, as well as increase workforce productivity.  Unlike the personal voice assistants in our smartphones awaiting our beck and call, the utilization of voice technology in order fulfillment is much more structured.  And with recent advances in speech recognition technology, it's now even easier for DC operators to leverage the power of voice-enabled systems to transform the efficiency of their operations.

On Jan. 12 at 2 p.m. EST, Doug Brown, Intelligrated's voice product manager; and Sean Wallingford, senior director, strategic operations for Intelligrated Software will present our second On The Move webinar entitled, "Unshackle your DC operations with modern voice technology."  In this informative webinar, Doug and Sean will discuss the current state of voice technology and explore its many benefits in warehouse order fulfillment and labor management processes.

Unshackle your DC operations with modern voice technology

The primary advantage of today's speech recognition technology is the integration of network-based processing power that utilizes Internet servers to translate voice input.  Instead of being constrained by limited device-level resources - such as CPU, memory and battery - leading warehouse voice systems tap into a network of servers equipped with best-available speech recognition technology.  This provides advanced mutliple language support, even adapting to regional dialects and individual speech patterns.  

The upcoming webinar will discuss how this network-based technology can  be used to transform warehouse accuracy and productivity:

  • Automate work processes to accomplish more with greater accuracy - its large vocabulary enables DC operators to perform the most complex tasks within or beyond the four walls, without the restrictions of Wi-Fi networks.  This opens up the potential to interleave worker tasks to improve process accuracies, such as cycle counting and real-time replenishment.
  • Integrate quickly and easily - network-based voice technology works right out of the box and drops into existing operations, enabling rapid user acceptance through simple role-modeling and remote support from DC experts.  Order fillers have the option to pause and ask for help, while DC operators can review audio playback to evaluate productivity and troubleshoot issues.
  • Avoid technology lock-ins - unlike voice technology that's enabled at the device level, network servers are upgraded as new technology becomes available.  This eliminates the problems of being "locked in" to stagnant technologies and dictated to use specific mobile devices or operating systems.  This flexibility allows voice systems to easily scale with changing business needs and blend with other order fulfillment applications - all while remaining compliant with speech industry standards. 

So if you're interested in learning more about the latest voice technologies and how you can use them to improve warehouse processes, join us on Jan. 12 at 2 p.m. EST for our next On The Move webinar.  Click here to register and save the date for this informative and timely event.