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How to Make 99.9% Uptime a Reality

How to Make 99.9% Uptime a Reality

   Tracy Niehaus

How to Make 99.9% Uptime a Reality

The supply chain industry is experiencing a fundamental shift in the way distribution and fulfillment operations approach lifecycle management. As many other industrial sectors have successfully demonstrated, the ability to transform readily available data into deep operational insights can deliver transformative benefits and help operators achieve their critical business outcomes. As a result, traditional strategies of “react and respond” are being replaced by “analyze and predict.”  Indeed, we are on a journey of ever improving predictability, replacing frequent disruptions with no disruptions.

In our next On The Move webinar, How to Make 99.9% Uptime a Reality, Joe Carelli, Honeywell Intelligrated's vice president and general manager, lifecycle services, will discuss new lifecycle management strategies for achieving your critical business outcomes. This webinar will take place on Tuesday, November 12 from 2:00–3:00 p.m. EST.

One metric in which these data-driven initiatives have a notable impact in a distribution center (DC) is uptime. Uptime is vital to gauging operational effectiveness and traditional lifecycle management strategies simply can’t deliver the results operators need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.  

In this webinar, Joe will explain how the best practices for conducting maintenance operations have evolved quickly over the last few years.  Each distribution center supports a specific business model with its own critical outcomes, such as uptime.   

He'll also explain how today’s data-driven approaches to lifecycle management are designed to achieve specific outcomes by applying a series of essential building blocks for success. Whether you’re assuming these responsibilities yourself or partnering with a lifecycle services provider, each of these building blocks must be present to achieve critical outcomes.

For example, while a “run to failure” maintenance strategy may have merit, in a DC running at maximum capacity, downtime has an outsized cost and the maintenance strategy must be predictive to reduce unplanned disruptions.  Applying all the building blocks will reduce unplanned disruptions.

Meanwhile, the challenges of finding, training and retaining qualified technicians are ever-present. This is making it more difficult for operators to staff resident maintenance crews.  Joe will discuss a recruitment and training strategy that overcomes fielding technical resources in a 3% unemployment labor market.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • The lifecycle management building blocks for achieving business critical outcomes
  • Why organizations need to adopt a data-driven strategy and obstacles to it
  • How proper utilization of data can deliver specific business outcomes
  • How to recruit and retain technical resources
  • How lifecycle services providers can tailor programs to meet a variety of business needs

I hope you’ll join us for this important discussion. Register now for the How to Make 99.9% Uptime a Reality webinar to learn how this new approach to lifecycle management delivers 99.9 % uptime while giving you the tools needed to achieve your critical business outcomes. 

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