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Empower Your Mobile Workforce With Voice Technology

Empower Your Mobile Workforce With Voice Technology

   Tracy Niehaus

Empower Your Mobile Workforce With Voice Technology

In the hyper-competitive worlds of e-commerce and omnichannel retail, companies are tasked with moving more product faster and with greater accuracy through their distribution centers (DCs). During peak seasons, many also need to ramp up their workforce quickly without compromising the quality standards their customers expect and demand — whether that’s accurate, on-time delivery or efficient processing of returns. 

For nearly 30 years, voice technology has enabled hands-free, eyes-free automation for mobile workers in a wide variety of distribution, fulfillment and industrial applications. As supply chain technologies have advanced significantly through the years, voice solutions have not only remained a mainstay for mobile workflows but have also evolved to help companies meet the demands of modern commerce. Today, you’ll find voice technology seamlessly integrated into connected automation ecosystems — enhancing worker productivity, accuracy and safety while driving bottom line operational improvements. 

In our next On The Move webinar, Geoff Anderson, senior product marketing manager of Honeywell Voice, will discuss how DC operators can empower their mobile workforces to meet modern fulfillment challenges with voice technology. Geoff will explain how leading companies are leveraging voice-directed workflows to improve mobile worker performance and job satisfaction. 

This informative webinar will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 10 from 2–3 p.m. EST. In it, attendees will learn how voice technology enables companies to:

  • Increase worker productivity and implement automated workflows
  • Streamline inventory management and deliver omnichannel value
  • Uncover innovative ways to enhance customer satisfaction (improve reverse logistics and customer returns)
  • Address next-generation workforce challenges (reduce turnover, accelerate training, improve retention, expand skillsets, and remove language barriers)

As voice technology continues to evolve into new applications, companies in a variety of sectors are utilizing voice to address an ever-widening range of emerging fulfillment challenges. From grocers, automotive parts distributors and clothing retailers to pharmaceutical companies, office supply providers, and maintenance and inspection operations, voice is a preferred mobile automation technology for leaders in these sectors. 

To learn more about how voice drives business results and delivers on the promise of increasing worker productivity, accuracy and safety, register for our next On The Move webinar and join us on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

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