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E-commerce order fulfillment success for Chico’s FAS

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Success for Chico’s FAS

Like many retailers, Chico’s FAS, a specialty retailer that operates more than 1,250 boutiques for four women’s apparel and accessories brands, has experienced rapid growth in their e-commerce sales in the past several years. This along with the goal of opening 125 retail stores per year for the next 5 years required them to evaluate their manual order fulfillment process to meet demand.

Chico’s needed a system that would accommodate their goals of increased throughput and productivity, quick turnaround, decreased cycle time and, most importantly, meet their future growth requirements.

Intelligrated was able to deliver a cost-effective and scalable solution for the Chico’s e-commerce operation. The new system enables them to run retail and direct-to-consumer work simultaneously, exceeding productivity requirements for both operations.

View the video below to see how Intelligrated's system increased productivity and throughput at the Chico’s distribution center in Winder, GA.

As Brad Taylor, Director of Engineering and Facilities for Chico’s, discusses in the video, Intelligrated’s alternative system design proposals stood out from other providers during the selection process. “They (Intelligrated) actually took the design that we had proposed and put on the table in front of them, completely reworked it to be able to not only do it cheaper and faster, but also gave us the throughput beyond the growth years that we had originally put out,” said Taylor.

The new e-commerce order fulfillment solution incorporates InControlWare® warehouse control system (WCS), IntelliQ® accumulation conveyor, and an IntelliSort® sliding shoe sorter.