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Drive Real Business Results With IIoT Adoption

Drive Real Business Results With IIoT Adoption

   Tracy Niehaus

Drive Real Business Results With IIoT Adoption

It’s hard to ignore all the hype and buzz around digital transformation — and for good reason. Disruptive technologies have the potential to render many current business processes obsolete. But while disruptive technologies are often slow to overtake the status quo, there are no guarantees of success along the journey. 

In fact, recent data shows that 81 percent of IT professionals have seen a digital transformation project fail, suffer a major delay, or get scaled back over the past 12 months. Those leading this transition are 75 percent more likely to cite the preparation of a strong business case as a key factor of success in their industrial internet of things (IIoT) programs. 

These IIoT initiatives promise many potential benefits — from driving cost savings across an enterprise and meeting revenue targets to achieving a much-needed competitive edge. But how can organizations ensure a successful IIoT implementation or ensure they’re realizing the maximum benefits from their digital transformations?

These are the types of key questions that we’ll be answering in our next On The Move webinar, Drive Real Business Results With IIoT Adoption, which will take place on Thursday, Oct. 10 from 2–3 p.m. EDT. This informative event will be presented by William Leet, Honeywell Intelligrated’s senior product marketing specialist — The Connected DC. As an expert in leveraging IIoT technologies for digital transformation in the distribution center, material handling and warehouse industries, William will present proven strategies for successful IIoT adoption. 

Like most strategic initiatives that promise transformative and far-reaching benefits to an organization, adequate preparation combined with a strategic vision are instrumental to success. Unfortunately, many companies fall short on defining their vision for IIoT initiatives, and as a result, are not realizing the desired returns. But for those who have been successful in executing on their visions for digital transformation, the benefits are clear and include:

  • More efficient working processes
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increased worker productivity

So if you’re interested in learning how to achieve these very real business results from your digital transformation, this webinar is designed to help you understand:

  • The importance of having a strategic vision and actionable goals
  • How to overcome IIoT implementation barriers
  • How to build a successful IIoT innovation team
  • The pros and cons of various adoption approaches
  • How to test technology on a smaller scale before proceeding to full implementation
  • Best practices for IIoT adoption 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make the most of your next IIoT initiative. Register for the Drive Real Business Results With IIoT Adoption webinar and make plans to join us on Thursday, Oct. 10.

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