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Drive down retail store labor costs with Intelligrated LMS

Drive Down Retail Store Labor Costs With Intelligrated LMS

   Jason Franklin

Drive Down Retail Store Labor Costs With Intelligrated LMS

Rising operating costs and omnichannel requirements are changing the retail store landscape. To improve profitability, retailers are seeking to improve the accuracy of inventory visibility, employ more agile order-building processes and drive labor cost savings across the store network through better planning and execution monitoring. Many business leaders are discovering that the same processes used to control labor costs in warehouse and DCs are as effective in store back rooms and other order fulfillment scenarios. And many of these processes are made possible by Intelligrated's proven labor management software (LMS).

The sheer volume of retail outlets presents a tremendous opportunity for savings. The more stores in your network, the bigger the opportunity. Even a moderate performance improvement or staff reduction can potentially produce significant savings to the labor expense bottom line. For example, reducing a single resource across a network of 60 stores can amount to measurable capital saved.

Intelligrated LMS helps retailers control the store costs related to everyday labor tasks, such as: receiving, staging, put-away, replenishment and order picking. Our LMS gives leadership the tools to measure, manage and motivate labor to ensure alignment with the company's goals. This allows stores to become more like DCs with predictable throughput and the data-driven intelligence to accurately match staffing with the amount of work required.

Retailers can leverage Intelligrated LMS in their outlets for the following financial benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve service cycle times
  • Meet customer service objectives
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Reduce employee turnover

One of the true benefits of the Intelligrated LMS system is its ability to motivate the retail store workforce. LMS optimizes labor execution by setting goals for overachievement and creating a culture of excellence, not just an atmosphere of "business as usual." When everyone understands how they contribute directly to the organization's higher profitability goals, employee engagement levels dramatically improve. Maintaining transparency about the achievement of goals helps drive this engagement even further, creating a healthy spirit of competition throughout the organization that ultimately drives throughput. 

For store managers, Intelligrated LMS enables improved resource management and control through:

  • Enhancing resource planning via more accurate labor estimates
  • Analyzing performance relationships among individuals, operations and facility output
  • Simplifying communication of strategic goals and scenario planning
  • Providing well-documented and communicated process for facility improvement

To learn more about how Intelligrated LMS can drive down in-store labor costs across the network, please visit our Labor Management Software.

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