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Discover Next-Generation DC Solutions at ProMat and Automate Expos

Discover Next-Generation DC Solutions at ProMat and Automate Expos

   Pieter Krynauw

Discover Next-Generation DC Solutions at ProMat and Automate Expos

If your DC is ready to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency, I invite you to visit Honeywell Intelligrated at the 2019 ProMat and Automate expos on April 8–11, at Chicago's McCormick Place. 

This year’s exhibits are nothing short of revolutionary, and not just because DC automation is finally coming of age. You’ll find practical solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing your DC today — from limited labor to improving capacity — all while minimizing costly downtime.

To help you stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing market, Honeywell Intelligrated has developed an integrated platform of cost-effective digital and warehouse automation solutions to increase reliability and utilization, including:

  • Smart robotics
  • Future-proof scalability
  • Real-time asset health management
  • Resource retention strategies
  • End-to-end DC control
  • Labor productivity

Visit our ProMat booth (#S618-a in the South Hall) to see some of the newest and most advanced DC technologies in action:

  • Robotic sorter induction — Reduce your labor burden for parcels or e-commerce with sortation systems that automate induction of packaged items, without the need to retrofit your existing induction stations.
  • Integrated systems — Discover the latest each-picking innovations, featuring picking robot solutions developed in partnership with Soft Robotics. Watch a functioning automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) work seamlessly with goods-to-operator (GTO) and goods-to-robot (GTR) stations.
  • Mobility + voice + pick-to-light — In partnership with Fetch Robotics, the CartConnect solution delivers dramatic efficiency gains quickly and without large infrastructure investments by combining automated transport with Honeywell Voice and pick-to-light order fulfillment solutions.
  • Virtual sortation demo — See how efficient, high-performance automated distribution and fulfillment operations offer the highest possible throughput for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers around the world.
  • Connected Assets demo — Learn how critical path monitoring can enable you to operate with minimal downtime by providing visibility, real-time status and critical situational alerts far superior to the transient data and limited visibility in most DCs today.
  • Momentum™ WES — Optimize your e-commerce order fulfillment, store replenishment or wholesale DC. Find out how you can orchestrate orders, goods, machines, data, people and business processes with a modular, single-software warehouse execution system.
  • GoalPost® labor management system (LMS) — Find out how this dynamic, warehouse-focused system can reduce your labor costs, increase throughput capacity, and improve employee retention.
  • TechSight — Experience an augmented-reality maintenance solution that can help you decrease unplanned downtime and reduce service costs.
  • Guided work solutions — Designed specifically for small and medium enterprise DCs, these worker-focused software solutions make it easy for your employees to perform warehousing tasks such as picking, receiving, put-away, packing and shipping inventory.
  • Productivity products — Check out a full range of Honeywell’s efficiency-enhancing solutions, from mobile and handheld computers to barcode scanners, printers, RFID and software solutions.
  • Mobility Edge™ — Connect warehouse workers to critical information and extend your equipment life with a new lift truck designed to work with Honeywell’s Mobility Edge Platform.

You’ll also want to visit us at the Automate Expo in the North Hall in booth #7515, where you can see a live robotic unloader demonstration. This automated truck, trailer and shipping container unloading solution significantly reduces the manual effort required to operate a receiving dock. Find out how it can benefit your DC by minimizing variable manual performance, labor attrition, workplace injuries and labor shortages.

We look forward to seeing you at both expos and answering any questions you may have about the next evolution of the distribution center. If you would like to schedule a meeting or booth tour, email us at

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