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Five considerations when choosing an LMS

5 Considerations When Choosing an LMS

   Jason Franklin

5 Considerations When Choosing an LMS

Labor management software (LMS) is an important investment for any distribution center (DC) operation.  Choosing the right software provider can mean the difference between reaping the many LMS benefits and overinvesting in a solution that's incapable of meeting your organization's short- and long-term fulfillment requirements.  As a leading LMS vendor and single-source provider of automated material handling solutions, Intelligrated can help you accomplish more with fewer resources and quickly deliver a return on your software investment.  

Intelligrated GoalPost® LMS is designed to help you quickly get the most out of your workforce.  So if you're looking to transform the productivity of your fulfillment associates, here are five things to consider when choosing an LMS.

1. Built-in labor standards — LMS integration largely depends on having engineered labor standards in place. Many vendors are unable to take advantage of LMS benefits until they’ve developed labor standards — a process that can take months. Intelligrated GoalPost gets to work immediately with built-in reasonable labor expectations that allow you to benefit from the LMS while precise labor standards are being developed.

2. Integration capabilities — Many LMS programs are offered as an add-on to a proprietary WMS, and are only capable of integrating with data in that system. Intelligrated GoalPost LMS is “system neutral” and capable of integrating with data from any system. Whether you’re already using a WMS, a homegrown system or looking to integrate with Intelligrated’s warehouse execution system (WES) software, GoalPost LMS integrates quickly with the system of your choice. And as your business changes to meet omnichannel demands, GoalPost LMS adapts and scales to meet your specific requirements.

3. Performance incentives — Calculating individual productivity and establishing benchmarks with which to incentivize performance are vital functions of any LMS. Intelligrated GoalPost LMS supports the continuous evolution of performance improvement initiatives with the ability to add or amend incentives as a program matures. This allows you to align individual, team and training goals with changing business-level objectives.

4. Coaching and mentoring — There are many ways to improve the productivity of your workforce, but proper coaching and mentoring are among the most effective. This is made possible by the ability to track productivity on-demand and through user-defined performance criteria. Intelligrated GoalPost LMS allows you to maximize training opportunities through the early identification of top performers and underachievers. You can also leverage this data to create a culture of transparency, healthy competition and fairness where individual performance tracking is made known across the organization.

5. Proven vendor status — Choosing an effective LMS for your order fulfillment operations is a strategic business decision. Not only do you need to make sure that all the required functionality is in place, you also need the assurance of working with a partner who has the experience to understand your objectives and evolve with your changing demands. Only Intelligrated has the broad spectrum of expertise to provide material handling equipment and warehouse execution system software that adapts to your needs. When you choose Intelligrated GoalPost LMS, you’re selecting a single-source partner who can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your entire order fulfillment operations.

While these aren't the only important criteria when selecting an LMS provider, they are five mandatory elements that could mean the difference between surviving and thriving in an omnichannel world.  So if you're evaluating your options, be sure to contact us to learn more about what GoalPost LMS can do for you.

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