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Wholesale distribution operations have unique challenges, from SKU proliferation and continuous changes in order profiles to inventory storage, replenishment requirements and regional business demands. Despite all this, operators must optimize fulfillment execution to ensure accurate, on-time deliveries. Honeywell Intelligrated provides wholesale distribution solutions that help you respond to customer demands for faster and more frequent shipments, higher in-stock levels, increased inventory turns and value-added services.

Whether you’re in the business of providing general merchandise, electronics, industrial supplies, wine and spirits, or foodservice distribution, we provide robust warehouse execution systems, labor management software, conveyor systems, sortation conveyors, palletizing equipment, and voice-directed picking and light-directed fulfillment technologies. Regardless of the requirements of your specific wholesale distribution operations, we can help you implement systems that deliver maximum productivity, accuracy and efficiency in your fulfillment operations.

Our wholesale expertise includes:

  • General merchandise
  • Apparel, accessories and shoes
  • Food and foodservice
  • Industrial supply
  • Beer and beverage
  • Medical supplies and devices
  • Wine and spirits
  • Convenience stores

Foodservice Distribution

Wholesale foodservice distributors need to quickly and efficiently fill orders and manage outgoing shipments to restaurants, commercial kitchens and retail customers — all while maintaining the highest degrees of food safety. Honeywell Intelligrated offers integrated solutions that address these challenges by combining innovative warehouse execution systems, conveyor systems and sortation conveyors with voice-directed picking and light-directed fulfillment technologies. Together, with our automated truck unloading system and robotic palletizer solutions, our foodservice distribution solutions enable route-based fulfillment and maximum shipment efficiencies.

Solutions for foodservice distribution include:

  • Fulfillment execution software for pallet, case and each orders
  • Route-based delivery software
  • Hands-free, eyes-free, voice-picking solutions
  • Robotic truck unloader
  • Robotic palletizer for mixed-load handling
  • Conveyor systems with smart buffering and cross-docking capabilities
  • Accurate and reliable, high-throughput sortation conveyors

Wine and Spirits

Honeywell Intelligrated offers automated material handling solutions that are flexible enough to handle a wide variety of product shapes and sizes for the wine and spirits industry. Advanced order fulfillment systems are designed to handle high volumes of SKUs, split-case orders and route-based delivery sequencing. Intelligent and scalable warehouse execution systems and fulfillment software allow you to accommodate these higher SKU counts while maintaining greater fulfillment speeds and accuracy — all of which are critical in an industry where state government regulations mandate accountability, distribution and product availability standards.

Capabilities for wine and spirits include:

  • Warehouse execution systems, including modules for inventory management, slotting, receiving, returns, put-away, replenishment, consolidation, kitting and quality assurance
  • Order management by profile and prioritization by channel
  • Route-based delivery sequencing and truck loading
  • Item aliasing
  • Voice-directed picking, light-directed fulfillment and RF handheld scanner processes
  • Specialized exception and scan violation handling and tracking
  • Support for value-added services
  • Split-case fulfillment and mixed-case pallet building
  • Incorporated material and process costs