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Adapting to the preferences of today’s consumers means meeting them where they shop and conduct research, whether that’s on their phones, computers or in stores. As a modern retailer, your challenge is to integrate these channels into seamless shopping experiences that engage and delight your customers at every touch. But to execute on this omnichannel retail model requires fail-safe order fulfillment strategies, both in the warehouse and in your network of brick and mortar stores.

From fast-moving inventory, SKU proliferation, click-and-collect fulfillment models, continual product evolution and fluctuating demand, omnichannel fulfillment presents many challenges for retailers. The task of selling across multiple channels not only adds to these complexities, but also provides opportunities to offer your customers value-added services that differentiate you from the competition.

Honeywell Intelligrated offers automated material handling systems that optimize efficiency, accuracy and throughput for each and case picking, store replenishment, direct-to-consumer and click-and-collect store fulfillment. Combining high-speed material handling systems and intelligent software, we’ll help you manage the proliferation of SKUs, adapt to seasonal order variances and execute against seasonal demand peaks.

Whether you’re coordinating multi-channel operations for greater efficiencies, implementing “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS) fulfillment models, or fusing these networks into fully integrated omnichannel shopping experiences for your customers, we provide best-fit fulfillment systems for operations large and small.

  • Store replenishment: Meet the demands of fast-paced store replenishment operations with our advanced solutions designed to optimize each- and case-picking order fulfillment. We combine automated conveyor systems, sortation conveyors, pick-to-light and voice-picking technologies with warehouse execution systems to help you manage items, cases and totes — while balancing labor and fulfillment requirements to keep store shelves stocked.
  • E-commerce fulfillment: Your ability to respond to on-demand, e-commerce orders with fast, accurate shipments is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. We provide scalable, automated e-commerce fulfillment solutions that adapt to a variety of order volume and inventory requirements. Whether you’re shipping polybags, parcels or cartons, Honeywell Intelligrated provides the conveyor systems, sortation conveyors and robust warehouse execution systems to drive high-velocity throughput.
  • Multichannel fulfillment: Combining store and e-commerce fulfillment into a single distribution center allows retailers to leverage inventories and optimize fulfillment execution. Our expert teams combine innovative designs, advanced software capabilities, light-directed fulfillment and picking technologies with reliable sortation conveyors and conveyor systems to match your specific requirements.
  • Micro-fulfillment center solutions: Allowing your customers to order online and pick up products at the nearest store or deliver from the nearest store requires flawless execution of in-store order fulfillment processes. Our micro-fulfillment center (MFC) solutions combine advanced technologies for high-density, high-velocity and small-footprint automation to support this emerging business model.
  • Guided Work for Retail: Competitive demands of omnichannel retail require optimizing in-store processes to improve efficiency and productivity. Guided Work for Retail utilizes proven DC technologies to enable task-oriented, process-focused environments. The solution leverages Honeywell Voice to provide flexible, voice-directed solutions built for the demands of in-store workflows, such as click-and-collect order fulfillment, gap scanning, shelf replenishment, inventory management, and much more.

Modern omnichannel retail, order fulfillment and distribution centers rely on Honeywell Intelligrated material handling equipment, warehouse execution systems and lifecycle support services for reliable, high-throughput operations. Regardless of your desired level of automation or specific requirements, we can help you meet customer expectations for on-time delivery of the right items, at the right places.

General Merchandise, Apparel and Specialty Retail
Honeywell Intelligrated’s flexible, reliable automated material handling solutions are designed to address the full retail spectrum — from shoes, apparel and groceries to general merchandise, specialty items, pharmaceuticals, electronics and small parts. Whether your operations require store replenishment, direct-to-consumer or multi-channel fulfillment, we deliver targeted or mixed inventory solutions designed to increase throughput and accuracy while reducing order cycle times.

Regardless of your product mix, our comprehensive range of high-performance, highly reliable conveyor and sortation systems provides superior control of cartons, totes, parcels and polybags for efficient, high-throughput operations.

Retail expertise includes:

  • Apparel, accessories and shoes
  • Automotive parts
  • Beverage
  • Books and media
  • Chain drugs
  • Convenience
  • Crafts
  • Electronics
  • Food and foodservice
  • General merchandise
  • Grocery
  • Health and beauty
  • Home improvement
  • Industrial supplies
  • Medical supplies and devices
  • Office supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys and games