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Boxes traveling cross belt sorter

Postal & Parcel

Honeywell Intelligrated’s post and parcel solutions provide reliable movement, sorting, weighing and tracking to deliver dependable, high-speed and accurate throughput. You’ll get fast, gentle handling of letters, soft packs, polybags, corrugated cases, cartons and totes — as well as odd and oversize items. Sliding shoe, tilt-tray and cross-belt sorters, and case conveyor systems provide best-in-class material handling to support the ground-based and overnight deliveries of some of the world’s largest post and parcel carriers.

  • Parcel post
  • Domestic
  • International
  • Parcel courier
  • Express delivery

Parcel Sortation

From soft packs to polybags and corrugated boxes, sliding shoe sorters offer reliable high-speed parcel sorting for many diverse product sizes and shapes.

Unit Sortation

Reliable tilt-tray and cross-belt sorters empower high-capacity, high-speed post and parcel sorting for everything from envelopes and soft packs to polybags and corrugated boxes.

Conveyor Solutions

Flexible conveyor systems designed for postal and parcel distribution handle inconsistent shapes and sizes, increasing the speed and accuracy of weighing, tracking and delivery.