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For more information about Honeywell Intelligrated solutions and services


Food & Beverage

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, grocer, brewer or vintner, the material handling demands of your industry are more complicated than ever before. Your operation is impacted daily by challenges no other industry faces, including: controlled environments, reduced primary and secondary packaging, frequent product changeovers, variety packs, case and tote handling. That’s before you factor in green initiatives unique to the food and beverage business, track and trace programs, and the growing impact of online competition.

Automated systems play a growing role in helping food and beverage operations stay up to date and competitive in this rapidly changing market. Honeywell Intelligrated’s highly automated manufacturing and distribution solutions deliver results in a wide variety of environments, from robots able to work in freezers to palletizing solutions for produce.

Every component of these systems is fully integrated for peak performance, from robotics, palletizing and depalletizing to high-speed sortation, case and pallet conveyor systems, and fulfillment execution software. These automated systems increase accuracy while reducing labor-intensive manual handling. Since they’re able to move products more carefully than human hands, they can save on costs by reducing your need for packaging protection.

  • Snack food
  • Refrigerated and frozen food
  • Produce
  • Confectionary
  • Prepared food
  • Processed food
  • Bakery
  • Beer
  • Wine and spirits
  • Dairy
  • Bottled water
  • Juices
  • Carbonated
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Energy and performance

Food Manufacturing Distribution

Honeywell Intelligrated solutions easily handle the complex challenges of high-volume food manufacturing distribution. High-speed sortation systems, case and pallet conveyor solutions, robotics, palletizers and depalletizers keep your operation working at full capacity.

Built for the unique needs of the industry, these systems effortlessly handle packaging changes, reduced packaging formats, new product introductions and the requirements of controlled environments. For complex mixed-load fulfillment demands, Honeywell Intelligrated combines flexible robotic automation equipment and software to handle unique case handling and palletizing challenges. Robotic case packing and unpacking solutions also automate upstream and downstream manual handling processes.

Beverage Manufacturing Distribution

Robotic case packing and unpacking solutions singulate bottles in preparation for fill lines and load product back into cases for end-of-line palletizing. System retrofits and upgrades help beverage manufacturers and distributors meet new demands, such as sustainable packaging initiatives that require precise handling and stacking to avoid unstable loads. Unpacking solutions also singulate product in preparation for fill lines. Flexible, automated solutions enable faster product changeovers and speed up palletizing.

Direct-to-store Fulfillment

Streamline order fulfillment from your manufacturing operation with direct-to-store, mixed-load pallet fulfillment. Voice-directed picking technologies save time and increase accuracy, while fully automated systems for beverage manufacturers offer hands-, eyes- and error-free case handling. Labor management software boosts productivity by managing fulfillment processes and precise labor allocation. Pallet conveyor and sortation technologies, combined with robotic palletizer solutions, easily handle mixed pallet loads, less-than-full pallet loads and store-ready displays.

Foodservice Distribution

Shipping to restaurants, commercial kitchens and retail customers is quick and efficient with conveyor, sortation and picking systems designed specifically for food and beverage distributors. Add intelligent warehouse execution system software and your route-based delivery operations can be automated and optimized, resulting in fast, accurate picking and fulfillment.


Need conveyor systems and palletizing solutions that work in freezers and cold rooms? Honeywell Intelligrated offers you single-source solutions that maximize the efficiency of high-volume grocery distribution in low-temperature environments. Automation equipment is seamlessly integrated with intelligent fulfillment software, preserving perishables while handling the banding, wrapping and tracking of breathable cases for outgoing shipments.


Nine of the top 10 craft breweries and four of the top five multinational breweries in the United States trust Honeywell Intelligrated systems to prepare product through their respective supply chains. Skilled technicians help brewers determine the best equipment and technology to streamline operations, while lifecycle support teams provide service, support, upgrades and modifications to handle business growth and adapt to changing demand. Automated palletizing and robotic solutions are ideal for replacing manual operations, handling multiple SKUs and product changeovers — streamlining distribution for growing craft operations and established brewers alike.

Wine and Spirits

Honeywell Intelligrated’s automated material handling solutions are flexible enough to handle a wide variety of product sizes and shapes for the wine and spirits industry. In addition, operators can offer more SKUs — while moving them faster and more accurately — with smart, scalable warehouse management software.

Keeping track of product is easy with integrated item aliasing, voice and RF-directed picking, plus specialized exception and scan violation handling and tracking. Beverage-management software also supports split-case fulfillment, mixed-case pallet building, value-added services, and incorporated material and process costs. Orders can be managed by profile and prioritized by channel, optimizing deliveries by the most efficient route and managing truck loading accordingly. All the while, the system automatically tracks the information you need to stay compliant with government regulations and product availability standards.