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Because the growth of e-commerce continues to outpace traditional retail, your ability to provide outstanding online order fulfillment is more important than ever. With major online retailers driving consumer expectations for fast and/or free delivery, service level agreements are becoming increasingly difficult to fulfill. To protect profits and succeed in this competitive environment, you need to increase throughput, reduce order errors, and achieve maximum efficiencies from manual and automated processes.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing online fulfillment center or making the transition from traditional retail to e-commerce, Honeywell Intelligrated provides scalable automated systems that combine advanced material handling equipment and innovative software. We create e-commerce solutions that meet your specific fulfillment requirements and drive operational productivity, while building a long-term foundation that enables your operations to integrate increasing levels of automation as needed.

E-commerce fulfillment comes with specific challenges, in particular the proliferation of SKUs and high-order volumes, which add complexities to picking requirements that often result in more manual touches to complete orders. With our revolutionary Momentum™ warehouse execution system (WES), order picking technologies and sortation conveyors, we’re focused on helping e-commerce retailers transform these challenges into efficient processes and successfully meet customer service level agreements (SLAs).

Honeywell Intelligrated delivers e-commerce solutions to maximize fulfillment execution — whether you’re shipping 1,000 orders per day or more than 150,000.

  • Increased orders per day and lines per hour
  • Shortened order cycle times
  • Reduced labor and touches
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Minimized shipping costs and time

Voice Picking Systems

Ideal for operations filling up to 5,000 orders per day, Vocollect™ voice from Honeywell is the industry’s preferred voice picking technology for delivering transformative productivity, accuracy and efficiency gains in critical fulfillment processes. Vocollect is preferred by nearly 1 million workers worldwide who rely on it to deliver robust performance and operational improvements.

  • Voice-directed picking mobility of hands-free, eyes-up operation
  • 35 percent increase in productivity
  • 85 percent improvement in accuracy, on average
  • Seamless integration with most ERP and WMS systems
  • Accelerated training and on-boarding
  • Improved workplace safety

Mobile Picking Cart Systems

For operations filling up to 10,000 orders per day, our GoKart™ mobile picking carts are ideal for managing low-velocity items and distant break-pack picking areas. When combined with advanced pick-to-light components, RF handheld scanners and voice picking automation, mobile picking cart systems deliver significant e-commerce fulfillment efficiencies.

  • Intelligent discrete, batch or cluster picking solution for single- or multi-line orders
  • Fulfills orders up to 60 percent faster than manual operations
  • Easily integrates with RF handheld scanners, voice picking or light-directed fulfillment technologies
  • Software enables intelligent order batching and cart order building based on order profiles and SKU similarities
  • Optimizes picking by ship time, order commonality, walk path and hot orders
  • Combines single- and multi-line orders on one mobile picking cart
  • Multipurpose capability for both fulfillment and returns
  • Scalable for future growth or peak requirements

Goods-to-operator Put Walls

Ideal for filling up to 30,000 orders per day, goods-to-operator (GTO) put wall workflows help streamline order fulfillment for retailers and wholesalers running store replenishment or e-commerce operations. These solutions integrate with warehouse execution systems to leverage real-time metrics for intelligent order batching and waving — providing quick and accurate order consolidation at available put walls.

  • Combines mobile picking carts with high-density put walls for accurate mixed- and single-SKU order fulfillment
  • Dual-sided put wall allows for order fulfillment on one side and pack-out on the other
  • Software enables intelligent order batching and cart order building based on order profiles
  • Optimizes picking by ship time, order commonality, walk path and hot orders
  • Improves operator productivity via single process focus
  • Streamlines pick, put and pack operations independently

Sortation Conveyors to Put Walls

E-commerce operators can add sortation conveyors to the mobile picking cart, GTO put wall scenario to increase automation and fill up to 50,000 orders per day. Our array of sortation technology can accommodate virtually any product size, shape and capacity requirements to deliver higher throughput and increased order fulfillment speeds.

  • Combines mobile picking carts and high-density put walls with a best-fit sortation conveyor for efficient routing and outbound shipping
  • Provides faster order fulfillment by reducing walk times
  • Automatically sorts orders to put walls based on available labor and workflow
  • Allows grouping of similar orders into a single work area
  • Enables batch picking and zone routing to multiple put zones
  • Includes option for put-and-pass configurations

Zone Routing Pick-and-pass and Sortation

Operations can fill up to 50,000 orders per day by combining sortation conveyors and intelligent warehouse execution systems with pick-to-light, RF handheld scanner or voice-directed picking technologies. The result is a zone routing system capable of automating the picking process from the best available picking stations.

  • Combines picking technologies with WES software, sortation and conveyor systems for automated, intelligent workflows
  • Zone routing automatically directs product to the best available picking stations
  • Allows allocation of orders “on the fly” and order initiation from anywhere
  • Routes discrete orders and/or batched totes

AS/RS Shuttle Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) help you move higher volumes of product and make the best possible use of valuable storage space. Our robust AS/RS solutions combine automation, software and labor optimization to deliver operational flexibility, speed and volume, allowing operators the ability to process up to 100,000 orders per day.

  • Combines GTO order fulfillment with conveyor systems, lights or voice picking to reduce walk times and improve picking efficiency
  • Just-in-time inventory management allows you to quickly respond to reduced inventory levels to avoid stock-outs
  • Intelligent product sequencing and buffering deliver the right products and quantities to keep downstream processes running smoothly and efficiently
  • Accommodates mixed-load, full-case and break-pack order fulfillment

Tilt-tray and Cross-belt Sortation Conveyors for High Volumes

Filling up to 150,000 orders per day requires increasing levels of automation to match higher order volumes and fulfillment velocities. Honeywell Intelligrated’s tilt-tray conveyor systems and patented cross-belt sortation conveyors can be integrated with our Momentum warehouse execution system to deliver maximum throughput in demanding e-commerce operations.

  • Pick rates of 25,000+ items per hour
  • Warehouse execution system software coordinates people, processes and product flow for increased productivity, order accuracy and on-time shipments
  • Virtual sorter capability allows for doubling throughput capacity
  • Can be combined with put wall concepts to absorb annual peak volumes

With operations shipping anywhere from 1,000 to more than 150,000 orders per day, Honeywell Intelligrated e-commerce solutions optimize fulfillment execution.

5000 order per day
10000 orders per day
30000 orders per day
50000 orders per day
50000 orders per day
100000 orders per day
150000 orders per day