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RIA’s robotic integrator certification program and what it means for the robotics industry

Last month, Intelligrated achieved its goal of becoming a certified robotics integrator by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). We are proud to be part of the exclusive group of companies representing a higher level of excellence in robotics integration.

For those of you who don’t already know, the certified robotic integrator program launched earlier this year following a two-year effort to determine how the RIA could help the industry develop more successful robot applications. After holding focus groups and interviews with integrators, users and robot suppliers, the RIA decided on a certification program. The RIA felt that the program would provide end users with a baseline for evaluating robot integrators while also providing system integrators with a way to benchmark themselves against industry best practices. Seven companies have been certified to date, including Intelligrated.

The accreditation means a lot to us – but what does it mean for the robotics industry and the companies within it?

Prior to RIA’s certification program, end users had a difficult time identifying integrators that met both business and robotic expertise requirements. Many customers were hiring startup integrators that did not possess the experience or processes necessary to integrate and support multiple robotic installations. As a result, end users were experiencing system errors that could have been prevented had they selected a more experienced integrator.

The RIA certification program is an industry milestone because it creates a standard for end users to evaluate their potential vendors, minimize risk and ensure successful implementations. For an integrator to become certified, it must complete a rigorous evaluation and a comprehensive audit that includes hands-on testing of key robotics personnel and an on-site appraisal of robotic experience and business infrastructure. The rigorous accreditation process will usher in further growth of robotic material handling automation by preventing low-quality installations that discourage companies from implementing robotics.

For more information about the RIA and the Robotics Integrator Certification, visit www.robotics.org.